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There's fraudulent activity on my account
There's fraudulent activity on my account
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If you see any suspicious activity tied to a card on your account, you should deactivate it as soon as possible through the dashboard; click here to see how. If you end up realizing that you recognize the transactions, we can always reactivate it. But it’s safest to put a pause on the card while we look into it together.

Once the card is deactivated, you’ll want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Have I had previous interactions with any of these merchants?
    Sometimes, a merchant's system will either double charge your card or keep you enrolled in recurring subscriptions after canceling. You’ll want to check with the merchant to see if this is the case before Karat gets involved.

    If the unauthorized charges are from merchants you’ve previously done business with, you’ll need to reach out to them before Karat’s dispute process can begin. If you don’t, the lack of communication can be used against you in our dispute case with Visa.

  • Do other people have access to my card? Could they have authorized these charges?
    We sometimes see transactions that are not recognized by the cardholder were actually made by an employee, spouse, or family member. You’ll want to check these transactions with anyone who has access to your card or has used it previously.

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