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What's the difference between Plaid and ACH?
What's the difference between Plaid and ACH?
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There are two ways we can connect to your bank account: Plaid, which offers a dynamic link, and ACH, which is simple in comparison.

A Plaid link can help prevent your account from being overdrawn, and it provides real-time updates on the history of your bank account. These are both helpful—no one wants their account overdrawn, and our team can proactively reassess your limit for increases.

An ACH link can only provide a connection for bill payment. If you ever need a limit increase, we would need to process it using three months of statements from your bank.



How it’s linked

Link using your bank login credentials

(If these credentials change, the Plaid link will break—contact our concierge if this happens.)

Link with routing and account numbers


Pulling funds from an account, seeing balances in real-time, seeing account history

Pulling funds from an account

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